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The Role of a Lice Franchisee

The Lice franchisee is our brand ambassador. They are passionate about connecting with their community and promoting our products and services to potential clients.

As a Lice franchisee, you will be responsible for:

  • Networking within your community to develop awareness about head lice and who and what we do.
  • Developing community service and business partnerships to generate referrals, participate in events and build a profile for you, your company and the Lice brand.
  • Fostering a workplace environment that attracts quality service providers and outstanding customer service.
  • Collaborating with Lice headquarters and other franchisees to continuously help improve the customer and brand experience as well as bring new opportunities and future marketing initiatives to the table.
  • Investing in community events and charities to help spread good will and stay top of mind in this industry.
  • Practicing superior customer service at all levels of the marketing funnel by staying consistent with the expectation of the Lice brand.

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Our Franchisees

  • Karen

    Belleville & Kingston Franchisee

  • Lisa

    Durham Franchisee

  • Ashley

    Eastern Nova Scotia & Halifax Franchisee

  • Malika

    Hamilton, Burlington, & Niagara Franchisee

  • Caroline

    Kitchener, Waterloo, London, & Sarnia Franchisee

  • Alison

    Orillia, Muskoka, Owen Sound, & Collingwood Franchisee

  • Crystal

    Ottawa Franchisee

  • Marnie

    Saskatoon Franchisee

  • Tammy-Lee

    St. Johns Franchisee

  • Lisa & Pam

    Price George Franchisee

  • Jody & Ricardo

    Brampton & Vaughan Franchisees

  • Karen

    Central Toronto Franchisee

  • Diane

    Sudbury Franchisee

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