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Head Lice 101


How and What To Look For

Finding lice is tricky, and it gets missed – and misdiagnosed frequently. With sunlight, or a bright light, and a pair of magnifying glasses or magnifying visor, check the crown of the head and the hotspots. These are in the bangs, around the ears, and on the back (or nape) of the neck. Check the whole head, because frankly, lice could be anywhere.

If you find something and you can flick it off, it’s probably not a nit. Nits – or lice eggs – are cemented to the hair with the bug’s special bond. If you can remove it, tape it on a white piece of paper and examine it.

Lice eggs have colour; they’re not white. They’re teardrop shaped, brownish, and attached to one side of the hair shaft. They’re tiny – but visible. Lice bugs – lice (or in the singular, louse) – are unmistakable. They’re about the size of a sesame seed, and light to dark brown in colour.

Now What?

Don’t pull your hair out! Lice is a solvable problem, and there are absolutely eco-friendly options:

  • The RobiComb® zaps live lice.
  • Enzyme Shampoo aids in the removal of lice.
  • Oil smothers bugs but clogging up their breathing apparatus
  • Reduction combing with a professional quality nit comb is the one step to remove bugs and eggs, getting them off the head and into the bin.

Don’t want to go through this again?

There’s no guaranteed way to avoid lice, just lots of things you can do to prevent it.

  • Avoid head to head contact, including selfies..
  • Avoid sharing hair items, including brushes.
  • Check regularly.
  • Scent hair with specially essential oils for relief.
  • Watch for scratching. Notify close friends and the school if you find lice.
  • Educate kids about lice.

If you prefer to have someone else do the lice removal, there’s a service for that! When you want head lice gone, visit LiceSquad.com.

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