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What makes Lice the preferred lice removal service?

Lice removal is a relatively new industry and we are proud to say we began to develop the market over 20 years ago. As leaders in the industry, we are focused on providing the highest level of quality care and we follow a standardized lice removal system. We are the only company that utilizes Health Canada approved medical devices. No need to pay for expensive equipment, gadgets or follow up services. Through Lice Squad’s controlled and systematic delivery of reduction combing and the use of exclusive topical solutions you will be lice free faster and safer than any other method. All of Lice Squad’s providers are trained and certified with Technical Lice Removal Certification and receive regular testing. All providers are insured and vulnerable sector police clearances have been obtained. You are in good hands with Lice – and we treat you like family!

How do you get rid of head lice?

There are five proven methods of removing head lice naturally. Even super lice which are resistant to over the counter products:

  1. Reduction combing. Works Every time. Sign up for our free How To Reduction Comb Video
  2. Natural head lice cleansers
  3. Oil Soaks using Coconut or olive oil for a minimum of four hours. The DYI home remedy
  4. Electronic Lice Zappers. Kills on contact follow up with reduction combing.

How much does lice removal cost?

Depending on the level of service you choose you can expect to pay $85 dollars per hour per consultant for the standard service.* If you choose Lice Squad’s Mobile Service Option there is a small delivery fee of $ 0.52 per km.   Some third party billing and insurance coverage may apply. We never want to turn anyone away based on their inability to pay and may be able to provide alternative options or advice. Please use our postal code locator feature to contact your local provider for more details.

How long does lice removal take?

Professional lice removal services take as little as 1 hour up to 2 hours per person depending on the severity of the infestation and the length and thickness of the hair. Head Lice Removal is all we do and we have become very efficient.

Are Walk-ins Welcomed?

Head lice removal appointments should be booked in advance to ensure that priority is given to you particular needs.

Does lice removal hurt?

Lice removal does not hurt. A good quality lice comb like our Louse Trap Comb® with the proper tolerances between the long tines is designed to work effectively on all hair types. We also use conditioner during our combing process making lice removal very comfortable. Some people are more sensitive to lice removal but if done by a professional service provider it is a painless experience. In fact many clients say they feel like they are getting a spa treatment and that the after-effect is soft, shiny and well-conditioned hair. Children especially love coming to our clinics as they get the full Super Hero Treatment. Complete with a super hero cape during treatment and a Life Saver when they are all done.

Will the lice come back?

We guarantee the most thorough lice removal service possible and provide you with adequate follow-up instructions with directions depending on the level of service you have chosen. Some additional combing may be required to aesthetically ensure every last nit is gone. The subsequent combing is especially important since there could be active cases still in your child’s class or daycare; your additional combing will help prevent any new lice from setting up camp in your child’s hair.

What tools and equipment are involved?

Our professional Consultants use a number of tools including:

  • Screening sticks to diagnose a case
  • Optimum lighting and magnifying
  • Reduction combing Standard Service
  • Lice Squad’s Louse Trap nit removal comb
  • Tweezers for removing any remaining or hard-to-remove nits
  • Clips to pin up sections of hair
  • Electronic Lice Zappers

How Does Lice Squad Lice Removal Service Work?

We offer a professional head lice removal service that is safe, cost effective and works! A professional Lice Squad Consultant will assess you for the best level of treatment and make recommendations. Head checks for the entire family are conducted as part of the regular service and are FREE (service removal is additional cost).  We also provide FREE use of our environmental spray. Our removal method includes applying of natural enzymes or minerals in a base of hair conditioner followed by a thorough reduction wet-combing using our specialized Louse Trap comb.

How long does the combing take?

It typically takes about one hour to comb out one person’s hair. This time varies with the length and thickness of hair and the severity of the case.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

We strive to help people as soon as the service can be arranged. Our service commitment is 1-3 days but service can often be arranged the same day or following day. We know how quickly you want your family lice-free. Appointments are available during the day, evening, weekend and holidays. For bookings, call us at 705-458-4448 or 1-888-LICESQUAD (542-3778) or book online today.

What chemicals are involved and are they safe?

Many people in Canada will be treated or have been treated with a neurotoxic pediculicide containing pyrethrin’s or pyrethroids. Their wide spread use has led to a significant resistance reported from various countries. We do not use nor recommend using pesticide-based lice treatments but if this is your choice, please keep in mind that they should always be used as directed . We are concerned that the over use and abuse of pesticide may carry potential risks.

Are multiple appointments needed?

No. We offer you a one time head lice solution and fully educate you on any follow up required based on the level of service you choose.

Can lice removal be done in my home or does it have to be a clinic?

Lice Squad offers in-home service and clinics in some markets. Clients have the option of a home or clinic visit. Currently we have clinics in some metropolitan areas including: Brampton/Vaughan, Toronto, Etobicoke, Calgary, Durham Region, Kitchener/Waterloo, London,  Markham/Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Hamilton, Innisfil/ Barrie, Niagara Falls, Ottawa and Saskatoon.

Is it private?

Yes, lice removal is a private service and we pride ourselves on our ‘confidentiality guarantee’. We do not advertise on consultant vehicles during mobile visits and our clinics are named discreetly, LS Clinic. Although it is our mission to stop the stigma associated with head lice, we guarantee confidentiality in recognition of our clients’ right to privacy.

What other natural treatments are available?

Many people saturate the hair with olive oil, mineral oil or coconut oil. Lice breathe through holes on their bodies so the oil plugs the holes and suffocates them. If you choose an oil-soak treatment, make sure you saturate the hair and leave the oil on for four hours or overnight before washing it out. Follow the oil soak with nit removal using a quality comb such as Lice Squad’s Louse Trap.

What about lice in my house?

Lice is NOT an environmental issue. This means that lice are not living in the home, in the beds, in the carpets, etc. Lice only lay their eggs in the human hair near the scalp where it is warm and humid. Lice can only live a day or two in the environment as they must have a blood meal from the head to survive. In terms of environmental care, all that is required is vacuuming anywhere the head might rest (back of the couch, car seat, etc.) and changing the bedding as well as recently worn clothing. Again, this is a precaution as lice are not living in the home.

How do people get head lice?

Lice are transmitted by direct contact (head to head, head to item) and lice don’t hop, jump or fly. People get lice from other people usually because they have close contact (e.g. sleeping together, hugging, sitting close together at school) or share items such as hats, brushes, etc.

How can I prevent another case of head lice?

Lice Squad has a very effective travel roll on or hair relief spay that you can use to scent the hair during risky situations. These natural essential oils are not only great for head lice relief but also great for vacation and hiking needs. There are good preventive measures to help protect you and your family. Braid the hair or tie it in a ponytail or wear long hair in a bun. A little hairspray to secure any flyaway hair is helpful. Washing the hair with a tea-tree oil based shampoo is a traditional preventive measure as is spritzing the hair with a solution of water and tea tree oil. Avoid head-to-head contact with anyone with an active case. Do not share hair brushes or hair accessories. Ensure your children also don’t share hats, helmets or head coverings.

Is lice removal government regulated?

As an emerging industry, our head lice removal service is not government regulated. We do follow a sanitation protocol for cleaning our tools and equipment and our Consultants are thoroughly trained in our system of professional head lice removal. We maintain a Medical Device Establishment Licence with Health Canada for our Louse Trap Comb.

How are the lice and nits disposed of?

Lice die 24 to 48 hours once removed from the head. Our sanitation policy requires us to dispose of lice and lice eggs by placing them in a sealed bag and disposing of them immediately following service.

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