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Check Ahead Program

School, Camp and Daycare Head Lice Screening

Does your school, daycare or camp have unwanted visitors? What is the head lice policy?  Do you find that children are still returning with head lice?  

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head lice at school, camp and daycare

Lice Squad Canada offers a Check Ahead program where our consultants will professionally check all students or campers. Our discreet and non-disruptive methods will ensure minimal interruption and get the job done quickly and quietly.

Here is how it works 

    1. A letter is provided for you to send home to parents letting them know of a scheduled day for head lice checks.

      On the letter sent to the parents, schools often ask to send the children back to school with a Loonie or a Toonie. This is a great way to assist in covering the cost of our services.  Some schools set up a fund for needy families that seem to have recurring head lice infestations.  The school will then ask Lice Squad to conduct removal services for whole family and payment is from the fund.

      Parents are assured that their child is being seen by a Lice Squad professional and if diagnosed with head lice, they are given hands on instruction as to what they can do to get their child back to school quickly.  We provide the school with diagnosis letters and parents can access free head lice removal and environmental care tips or additional help at
    2. Each child is seen by a professionally trained Lice Squad consultant.
    3. Each child is screened using a fresh lice stick.  We check the three hot spots for lice and/or lice eggs.  Once cleared, the stick is broken and placed in a garbage receptacle. 
    4. If lice or lice eggs are found, a sample of hair with an egg on it or a louse is removed and taped to a Lice Squad Head Check Verification form that explains our findings.  This form is then confidentially returned to the office at the end of the screening.  
    5. Upon finding lice activity on a child the Lice Squad consultant discretely leaves the screening area to cleanse their hands with an antiseptic gel and then washes their nails with a scrub brush before returning to screen other students. 

      All Head Check Verification forms are provided to the office and parents are contacted by the office.  A member of the Lice Squad can remain on site and is available to discuss the findings and offer parents tips and advice on the best course of action.  Many parents request to also be screened at that point and we are more than happy to assist.

It is not our policy to wear rubber/latex gloves while screening for lice.  We are conscious of possible latex allergies and there is a pulling sensation on the hair that may cause the child discomfort.  By adhering to our strict protocol and sanitation policy as outlined above, the possibility of live lice transfer from a Lice Squad consultant to a student is extremely low.

Call us today to learn more about our Check Ahead program for your school, camp or day care at 1-888-542-3778.