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Company History

Lice Squad Canada Founder Head Lice Expert Dawn Mucci started the head lice removal industry in Canada in 2001 and is the CEO of Lice

"A foundation based on identifying and taking care of the needs of others rarely fails."

After a horrific experience with head lice, Dawn decided to become the help that she so desperately needed and could not find. A true entrepreneur, Dawn began to formulate a business plan to highlight the unique system and tools that she created for the purpose of helping those who struggle with head lice. The focus being on quality head lice removal services, education, customer service, and pesticide-free products.

With the success of the business came a vision to expand. This would create jobs and also provide these much needed services in other communities throughout North America. It was obvious that there was a demand for Mucci's services and pesticide-free products. Franchising became the best way possible to guarantee that people would have access to quality care, reliable services and accurate information when it came to the issue of head lice.

Lice has also received national exposure and recognition for the concept winning one of Canada's top franchise award, "The Bronze Award of Excellence" in 2015 and "Franchisee Choice Designation Awards" in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 through the Canadian Franchise Association. In 2005 and 2007, Lice Squad was recognized by the Economic Development Corporation for excellence in Customer Service and as runner up for Entrepreneur of the Year. In 2002, Lice Squad won the New Business of the Year award for their innovative approach, outstanding marketing concept and customer service.

The business and marketing system has been compared to the Molly Maid service of house cleaning, by Franchise Magazine with one lousy difference; they use combs, visors and tweezers instead of brooms.

Lice is now the leader in head lice removal services, education and pesticide free product distribution. Franchise opportunities are available.

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Dawn Mucci is a renaissance entrepreneur, franchisor, writer, singer, published author and corporate citizen who is passionate about life and business. She has been recognized for creating a unique franchise concept with her company Lice Squad Canada Inc.  Dawn is known for making things happen and gives back to the franchise industry and her community by sitting on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Franchise Association, the Economic Development Advisory Council for Innisfil, the Board of Directors for the Children’s Aid Foundation of Simcoe County and is a member of the Life Saving Society of Canada.  Her real world experience in business has given her a unique perspective and a creative enthusiasm which she shares through her writings and other creative endeavours.


As spokeswoman for Lice,  Dawn is well-known for her numerous TV appearances  including Breakfast Television, City Line, CBC news, City TV News, Global News, The Discovery Chanel, Slice, The Marilyn Dennis Show, The Mom Show, Real Parenting, and CTV.  Dawn has contributed to and has been featured for her work with Lice in MacLean’s Magazine, Canadian Living, Parents Canada, Today’s Parent, Franchise Canada, Momprenuer, The Health Journal, The National Post, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, Canadian Business, The David Suzuki and  Dawn has also written for and contributed to the recent book “Great Canadian Franchise Stories” and is currently working on a second book detailing the stories of some of Canada’s most successful business leaders.  Head Lice Canada

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